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Your treasured pet will give you a lifetime of companionship, love and enjoyment. But just like humans, your dog’s health will inevitably be impacted by aging, and in dogs, this can happen as early as their sixth or seventh year.

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Holiday Safety Tips for Your Dog | K-9 Perfection Dog Obedience Training | Manitowoc WI

The holiday song tell you it’s the “most wonderful time of the year.” And the Christmas season can definitely bring delightful family gatherings and celebrations. But your pet might be facing a holiday nightmare if you’re not careful about some…

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Tricks and Treats are for Kids, Not Dogs | K-9 Perfection News | Dog Obedience Training Tips

It’s that apple-crunching, pumpkin carving, leaf raking time of the year, culminating in that most fun and festive of holidays—Halloween! But while good treats and tricks can be fun for kids, the holiday can be downright scary for your pet, unless you take precautions to keep your pooch safe from hidden hazards.

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Back to School Blues! | News | K-9 Perfection LLC Dog Obedience Training

August is a funny month. There’s still plenty of good weather ahead to enjoy summertime activities like swimming, picnics, biking and hiking. But…looming ahead is the thought of going back to school. But…did you ever think that your pooch might have some adjustments in his or her future as well?

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News | K-9 Perfection LLC

Dog parks can be great places to give your dog much-needed exercise and socialization. But it is imperative that you know a few things before you “release the hound” on the dog park grounds.

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Your Dog and Fireworks

Nothing says Fourth of July like parades, barbecues and fireworks. And while you might be looking forward to these celebrations, your pup could easily be dreading them, and in particular, the fireworks.

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Summer Vacations With Your Dog

Summer Vacations With Your Dog | K-9 Perfection News

After last month’s surprise snowstorm, I’m almost hesitant to say that spring has (finally) sprung! With hopefully many more weeks of warm weather ahead of us, thoughts turn to vacations. And whether you take your furry friend with you, or need to find “vacation” spots away from home and family for your pooch, there are some important things to consider in order to make your vacation as memorable—and safe– for both you and your pup.

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Warm Weather Safety Tips

Warm Weather Dog Safety Tips | K-9 Perfection, LLC | Dog Obedience Training | Manitowoc, Wisconsin

As the weather warms up, Mary has some key safety tips to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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Mary Announces “Out-N-About” Dog Classes

As a fun kickoff to the summer, Mary is now offering the option of having offsite-based classes at a variety of area locations. Classes will start on Wednesday July 17, 2017.

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Check out K-9 Perfection’s new promotional video

In this short promotional video, Mary relates the positive method used in her dog obedience training techniques; focusing on the goal of maintaining a healthy, happy relationship between owner and pet.

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