Dog Obedience Training Benefits

Training your dog strengthens and improves the relationship between the two of you. A trained dog is confident, well-mannered and provides safety for you and your family.

Personalized Sessions

Mary offers private and group sessions, and as an option, at-home consulting. Structured class goals provide a framework for success in training your dog.

Interactive Group Sessions

The six week group classes cover obedience commands, socialization, distractions and interactions with people and other dogs at home and in public.


The Importance of Animal Shelters

If people would spay and neuter their pets, there wouldn’t be a problem.  If breeders would stop breeding for money, there wouldn’t be a problem.  These are just two arguments used over time to solve what some call “the pet…

The Toy Dog Group | Understanding Dog Breeds | K-9 Perfection LLC Dog Obedience Training


If you adhere to the saying, “Good things Come in Small Packages,” a member of the Toy Group may be the pooch for you. Small in size—generally built to fit in your lap—these diminutive dogs are big in personality.

Non-Sporting Group Dogs | Understanding Dog Breeds | K-9 Perfection LLC Dog Obedience Training


The Non-Sporting Group may be the most diverse of all the American Kennel Club classifications of dogs. They vary greatly in size, temperament, needs and abilities. In a way they are a catch-all for dogs that don’t have a specific job or purpose.

K-9 Perfection, LLC - Mary's Den; Chloe


Chloe was born on April 9, 2019. She was adopted from Monticello Way Border Collies. Her and Shelby have the same dad. She is a very smart little girl. She is a snuggler and loves everyone she meets. She is catches on to everything so quickly. The perfect match for my pack.

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Shelby | K-9 Perfection Photo Gallery | Mary Jackson, Manitowoc Wisconsin | Dog Obedience Trainer


Shelby is the newest member of Mary’s Den. She was born on 5/08/2016, Mothers Day. Shelby came from Monticello Way Border Collies. She is a happy healthy puppy.

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About Mary - K-9 Perfection, LLC, dog obedience training

About Mary

Mary Kalista Jackson is ABCDT (Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer) certified to train throughout the United States and Europe. She is also furthering her education in dog psychology studies.

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