In this short promotional video, Mary relates the positive method used in her dog obedience training techniques; focusing on the goal of maintaining a healthy, happy relationship between owner and pet.

Achieving Calmness with Your Dog:
The journey to achieve calmness allows your dog to attain the ultimate level of freedom; thereby capable of making the right decisions. 

The Calmness Triad or Wheel is the foundation of calmness in your home. We will discuss what strategies are included within the Triad, and how we can implement them. Every dog is unique, and we have to train the dog in front of us, which means that every game and protocol that we put in place is flexible to the unique needs of the dog we are working with — including your dog. 

The amazing benefit of games-based training is the ability to flex and adapt to the dog’s individual needs, rather than being stuck in a step-by-step process that isn’t for your dog. Encouraging the energy that you desire and communicating effectively with your dog through the power of games is the way to achieve transformation success.

Mary is also an Animal Behavior Consultant. An animal behavior consultant is a practitioner of applied behavior analysis to help correct behavior problems in animals, usually companion animals. Animal behavior consultants are usually employed to identify the cause of a behavior problem, to develop an intervention plan to change the problem behavior, and to help the owners learn how to execute that plan. Animal behavior consultants are distinct from animal trainers, in that their primary goal is not to train an animal to have basic manners or to perform a task, such as agility competition for dogs, but to mitigate behaviors that are problems for the animal’s owner. Animal behavior consultants may also be known as pet behavior counselors.

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