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Mary Kalista Jackson,
1419 North 2nd Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220
Phone: 920-682-1185 | Cell: 920-242-2930

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ABCDT – Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer,
IACP – International Association of Canine Professionals,
APDT – Association of Pet Dog Trainers

14 Comments on “Contact Mary

  1. My wife had a stroke 3 weeks ago and has mobility and visual issues . . . doctor suggested a service dog. Since we have a 7 month old German Shepherd (Imported Working Line from Germany) we are hoping to find someone able to train her to be my wife’s service dog. Is this something you could do


    • Dear Mr. Hannemann,
      I am sorry to say, but I do not train service dogs. You might try to Google for information. Service training usually takes awhile, depending on what your wife would all need help with.
      I wish you luck on your search.


  2. We just recently adopted a 3 year old min pin/chichuahua/and some other med to large breed mix from the shelter. She immediately bonded with my husband and I and was the sweetest dog. Now no one can even come into our house without her barking, growling and snapping. I had her out in the yard today and the neighbor came over to talk to me and she attacked her and almost bit her. I don’t know any history except that she was a stray. She is very lovable with us but I am afraid she is going to hurt someone else. Do you have classes that will help address this problem? We have only had her a few days but she was aggressive enough today to really worry me.


    • We would have to start with a consult so I can see the problem and figure out the training needed to correct the situation. Most aggression are done through private sessions.


  3. I have six dogs…three female, three male…the two brother dogs FIGHT all the time lately…they were born Aug 2010…I can’t even leave them together anymore…is there anything I can do besides getting rid of one???


  4. Hello Mary. I have had several friends recommend you to my family. We have recently gotten a very handsome Dalmatian puppy. He is now 11 weeks old and proving to be a stubborn Dalmatian, being difficult to housebreak. We are also having a little issue with him chewing on our 5 year old. He’s not necesarily aggresive, it is more of a playing issue, but either way, we would like it to stop. Is this something you can help us with?


    • Congratulations on your new puppy. It sounds like he is just being a puppy. For house training remember that whenever they wake up, eat, drink or play puppy’s will have to go potty. And it happens just that fast. When you take him out make sure he is on a leash and stand still. Then wait for him to go. When he pees or poops praise him and give him a treat. If he won’t go put him in his crate for 5-10 minutes and try again. You can put a bell on the door and ring every time you go outside. You would say potty, or outside every time you ring the bell.
      Your puppy needs socialization and beginners training. He needs to learn bite ambition, how to play, and basic cues.
      You can email at or call me at 920-682-1185 with more questions or to find out about classes.


  5. I will like to how I can do to help my dog not to be aggressive with new people he is almost a year old sense he went o the vet he snaps and barks and try to bite please help I will hate if I have to put him down or if he hurts somebody with us he is a sweet heart


    • Hi Kathy,
      We would need to start out with a consult. I would need more information about your puppy. First of all what breed is he? Has he had any socialization? Has he had any formal training? Please call me at 920-682-1185, or 920-242-2930, or you can email me at I would be more than happy to set up a consult and see what we could do to turn your dog around.


  6. Hi Mary,

    I have a Lhasa Apso that has a possessive personality. He has bitten me three times and has also bit a few of my other family members. He collects socks from around the house and gets aggressive about food. He is a real sweetheart 99% of the time but, it’s that 1% that scares me. He is 4.5 years old and I don’t want to lose him. Do you think you could help him?


    • Hi Maddie,
      There are some things you can change around to help him. Has he had formal training? Does he know that you are head of the house, or does he run the house? By changing things around and giving him rules, might change a lot. To know what is really going one we would need to do a consult. There are more questions to answered and I need to see how he acts. You are welcome to email me at, or call me 920-682-1185, or 920-242-2930. I would be more than happy to set something up and help you with your dog.


  7. We have an 11 month old yellow lab who has got tremendous energy. I know he is still puppy but we need to be able to somehow channel some of this energy. He seems to have a bit of separation anxiety, also. Can you PLEASE HELP US!!! You were referred to is by a friend


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