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  1. Please let me know when classes begin. I prefer Tuesday evenings

    • Please let me know which date and time you are wanting to sign up for. My email is
      Dog Obedience Classes
      The starting date for the 6-week classes is as follows:
      Puppy Social. & Beginners Obed. (2-4 months old)
      Saturday, August 31, 9-10am
      Basic Obedience (4-6 months old)
      Monday, August 26, 3-4 pm
      Tuesday, August 27, 6-7 pm
      Saturday, August 31, 10-11 am
      Intermediate (6 months & up)
      Monday, August 26, 6-7 pm
      Wednesday, August 28, 3-4 pm
      Saturday, August 31, 11am – noon
      Advanced Obedience:
      Tuesday, August 27, 3-4pm
      Thursday, August 29, 6-7pm

      Call 920-682-1185 or go to to enroll
      We require that your pet’s vaccination for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella be current.
      Sign up soon space may be limited.

  2. If we have begun clicker training with our pup, would you continue to expand on it? We just got her and she is 9 weeks and already starting to consistently sit, shake a paw, and down. What is the cost of your socialization/beginner obedience class?

    • I prefer speaking my commands, but clicker is fine. All of group group classes start at $90.00 for a 6-week course. If you would like to sign up please register on my web site.

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