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    • Please let me know which date and time you are wanting to sign up for. My email is
      Dog Obedience Classes
      The starting date for the 6-week classes is as follows:
      Puppy Social. & Beginners Obed. (2-4 months old)
      Saturday, August 31, 9-10am
      Basic Obedience (4-6 months old)
      Monday, August 26, 3-4 pm
      Tuesday, August 27, 6-7 pm
      Saturday, August 31, 10-11 am
      Intermediate (6 months & up)
      Monday, August 26, 6-7 pm
      Wednesday, August 28, 3-4 pm
      Saturday, August 31, 11am – noon
      Advanced Obedience:
      Tuesday, August 27, 3-4pm
      Thursday, August 29, 6-7pm

      Call 920-682-1185 or go to to enroll
      We require that your pet’s vaccination for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella be current.
      Sign up soon space may be limited.


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