Training Tips

1. Keep Training:

Owners often think that once a dog is trained, there is no need to carry on. Your dog never stops learning. Training should be reinforced throughout you dog’s life.

2. Exercise Your Dog:

All dogs need exercise. The more exercise they get, the happier and better they feel.

3. Be a Confident Leader:

To feel secure, all dogs need a calm, confident leader. It isn’t about dominating your dog or making him submissive towards you. Build his confidence by encouraging and rewarding good behavior.

4. Improve Your Dog’s Diet:

You are what you eat, and the same is true for your dog. Problems can occur with a poor diet. Make sure your dog has a good diet.

5. Dog Care:

Don’t forget your dog’s yearly checkup with your veterinarian. Also check into having your dog microchipped for identification in case of loss.

6. Keep Playing:

Play is a great stress reliever for both you and your dog.

7. Have Fun:

Enjoy your dog! If you take the time to train him right, you will give him what he needs to live a successful, happy life in our humane world.

10 Comments on “Training Tips

    • Yes, you most certainly can. Sometimes it might just take a little longer. Remember patience is important. You are probably changing a bad habit, or something the dog has done for awhile. Positive reinforcement, treats and praise can help get rid of a bad habit and give you the behavior you want.


    • Yes, I have a lot of experience with herding dogs. I have quite a few, Border, Aussies and Blue Heelers that come to classes and five of my own. My dogs are Border Collies or Border Collie mixes. Never allow the allow the nipping behavior, not even during play time. If it is your hands, arms, legs or pants always say no bite, or no teeth along with an “Ouch!” If it is at play time, playing stops and you walk away. You must be consistent.


  1. Have Boston Terrier pup 4 months for emotional support, the husband has cancer and am his caregiver, Buster is a handful but smart and improving, does nip a lot though, Jim is on warfarin and is 81 and am 79 and praying we can handle a puppy.. How much does it cost for training classes, would like to start when Buster is 5 months and after he gets neutered,


  2. Hi I have a very shy and timid German Shepherd. She is going to be 5 months old. I take her to a different puppy class now and it is not working the best. Is there a way you can help?


    • We could either try private sessions or sign her up for some group classes here. My next set of group classes will be starting at the end of August. The schedule should be out this weekend. If you want to talk more you can email me at or call 920-682-1185.


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