New Year’s Resolutions for your Dog

Christmas with your pet dogIt’s that time of the year when our thoughts turn to making improvements for a happier, healthier new year. Whether it’s losing weight, incorporating more exercise or eating healthier, most of us have entertained those changes with a big Jan. 1 starting date.

And really, those same resolutions can apply to our treasured pets as well. If your pooch is getting a little porky, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate his or her diet. Overweight pets can experience the same issues as their overweight human counterparts, including diabetes, sore joints and kidney and heart issues.

To amend these conditions, consider switching your pet to a better quality dog food, feeding recommended amounts to meet individual needs, and avoid feeding your dog human food. Think about it…you wouldn’t benefit from eating pet food, and your pet doesn’t benefit from eating people food, especially food high in sugar and salt. And when it comes to treats, make sure you’re not being tricked into giving your pet cheap treats that are counterproductive to good health.

Even if your pet isn’t overweight, a well-exercised pet is healthier and happier and a better companion. Daily exercise is essential. If you’re already exercising your pet, consider increasing the exercise time, even if it’s just 10 extra minutes a day. You and your pup will both benefit, and before you know it, you will have transformed your treasured pet into your own four-legged trainer.

Along with physical exercise, consider working on your pet’s mental acuity. Teach your dog a new trick every few weeks or play hiding games with him or her. By keeping your pet on his or her “mental toes” as well as their physical ones, you’ll have a well-balanced pet to provide a wonderful source of companionship and love.

Finally, if Santa found your pooch had more naughty than nice marks on his Christmas list, think about enrolling him or her in obedience school. Bad behaviors can be addressed and corrected and together you’ll make 2020 the Year of the Great Healthy and Happy Dog!

Happy New Year!