Herding Dogs

Herding Dog | K-9 Perfection Dog Obedience Training, Manitowoc WisconsinTo paraphrase a quote, “Idle paws are the devil’s workshop!” And that is no truer than for the intelligent, loyal and loving members of the Herding Dogs group.

Herding Dogs are wonderful companions and pets, as long as they are challenged with tasks. They need lots of both physical and mental exercise. It is why many members of this group find themselves fulfilling service dog responsibilities, including police work for Herding Dog members such as the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois, and farm and field work for many other members of this group.

They are also keenly intelligent, with Border Collies, widely acknowledged as the most intelligent breed of dogs, a renowned Herding Dog breed. Other notable Herding Dogs are the Australian Shepherd, Briard, Collie and Old English Sheepdog.

But it is precisely their intelligence and need for physical and mental stimulation that makes them impractical for dog parents who do not have the time or energy to give them that specialized attention. Without proper stimulation, they may become bored and take out their inactivity in socially unacceptable ways. They also tend to be larger dogs (with some exceptions, like the Welsh Corgi) and therefore not a good choice for most apartment dwellers.

But with proper exercise and stimulation, Herding Dogs can be both charming and fun and a wonderful addition to your family.