Dog Obedience Training Benefits

Why should you train your dog?

• It’s the most important gift you can give your dog
• Helps your dog know their boundaries
• Your dog learns to trust you as a leader and a friend
• Helps your dog become more confident and predictable
• It’s rewarding and fun!

Your reward is a well-trained special companion!

Training your dog strengthens and improves the relationship between the two of you. A trained dog is confident, well-mannered and provides safety for you and your family. The time you take to train your dog is small considering that it will last a lifetime.

10 Comments on “Dog Obedience Training Benefits

    • As listed, my group classes are $80.00 for the 6-week course. Private sessions are $40.00/hour and a 1.5-2 hour consult is $60.00.


    • You can start training your puupy at 8 weeks old. I have a puppy socialization class for puppies 2-4 months old. The class schedule is on my website.


  1. Can I train my two dogs not to be aggressive. Very aggressive. I have had to physically get the dogs apart while getting bit by both. Tigger needs training because he is peeing on everything. Nobody can come to the door with loud aggressive barking. Not socially acceptable behavior in dogs parks. Husband was very sick for last three years and didn’t take dogs out while I work. Is there hope?


  2. Do you have a age requirement on the dog trainer, my granddaughter recently got a puppy and would like to have her take your class she will be 12 next week. Are you currently holding classes with the current pandemic?


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