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Mary is enrolled in Susan Garrett’s Recallers training program

Susan Garrett of Say Yes! dog training

In an ongoing effort to expand her training skills, Mary Kalista Jackson is currently enrolled in Susan Garrett’s online Alumni Recallers teaching methods.
Visit Susan’s website for more information.

From the website:

A Transformation in Behavior, Confidence and Freedom

RECALLERS is a unique approach to dog training that introduces you to an accelerated program of learning that protects your confidence every step of the way.

Effective training happens in layers. Each new RECALLER game adds a unique layer of understanding for dog. Experience a growth in confidence that blossoms into a deep connection between you and the dog you love.

May 17-23: National Dog Bite Prevention Week

May 17-23: National Dog Bite Prevention Week - Manitowoc grade school presentation

It is a universal dog lover behavior to walk directly up to a dog you have never met, reach out and pet him on the head and gaze into his eyes. Those are exactly the behaviors that invoke fear and aggression in strange dogs.

The week of May 17-23 is “National Dog Bite Prevention Week”.

On May 15, 2015 I will be giving presentations of “How to Meet and Greet Strange Dogs” at St. John Ev. Lutheran School in Two River, WI. at 9am for K-4th grade. I will be at Bethany Ev. Lutheran School in Manitowoc, WI at 1pm. also for grades K-4.

Let’s learn the proper way to introduce ourselves to a new dog. He will respect you for it, and you leave having a great experience.

About Mary

About Mary - K-9 Perfection, LLC, dog obedience training

Mary Kalista Jackson is ABCDT (Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer) certified to train throughout the United States and Europe. She is also furthering her education in dog psychology studies.


K-9 Perfection, LLC - Mary's Den; Phoebe

Phoebe is the newest addition to my pack. She is a Border Collie that was born at Richland Rescue.


K-9 Perfection, LLC - Mary's Den; Katie

Katie, a Border-mini Aussie mix, arrived at Green Bay Humane Society from Kentucky with no history. She was shy of people and dogs and wouldn’t eat. She is learning fast, but still has a lot to overcome with her fear of people. She now enjoys playing with other dogs and has become close to the rest of my pack.