About Mary

About Mary - K-9 Perfection, LLC, dog obedience training

Mary Kalista Jackson is ABCDT (Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer) certified to train throughout the United States and Europe. She is also furthering her education in dog psychology studies.

2 Comments on “About Mary

  1. Im a breeder of spanish water dogs who got a 5 yr old back for biting.
    i would like to meet with you in a week or two and get some in site as to how to get his confidence back so he can get a new forever home.
    i can do quite a bit but will need direction. I am dedicated to my breed and this dog.


    • Hi Colleen,
      We would start with a consult, so I can see how your dog reacts and learn more about the problem. I start back at the schools tomorrow, so I should be home by 1:30pm every day. Please call me at 920-682-1185 or 920-242-2930, or email me at mary@k9perfection.net so we can set up an appointment. I also emailed you from my email address.
      I will wait to here from you.


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